Unit5 People Making a Difference
  This passage is about a lady,Nadia Bitar,who tried her best to make a different in the world.
  Nadia Bitar has experienced life's extremes.During almost two decades of intermittent Liberian civil war,she and her family lived in a refugee camp for eleven months.Girls didn't be allowed to go out on the balcony for months.Besides her family,there were more children who lost their families in the civil war.She decided to help them the instant she saw them in an orphange in July 2008.
  Her family,including her mother and her sister,helped her to build a Childcare Foundation.Although it will cost a lot to turn the small one into Nadia Bitar's dream for Haven Missions,she is working on it.

  Form this passage we can see that though we are just normal humen,we can make a difference all by ourselves as well.No matter how hard it sound like,it can be come true.What should we do is simply that we believe in ourselves an try our best to do it.




Unit4 Fourteen Steps
  This passage talks about three lives of the auther.
  The first life began with the auther's birth.He was poor when he was young but he lived very happy.Then he married with two daughters.Until now,his life was a pleasant dream.
  However,dreams always ended when waking up.He became afflicted a disease of motor nerves.This disease was so serious that climbing forteen steps in the auther's house could be a struggle,and that's where the title of this passage came from.
  After both of his daughters leaved for colleges,the auther became more disllusion and frustrated.Then,the turning point arrived quietly.
  The auther's flat blowouted in a night when it was raining.He thought he couldn't change the flat all by himself with gusty winds,slashing rains and his moter nerves' disease.So he decided to seek out help.However,not until his flat has been changed did he realize the two people who helped him kindly was a little girl and her blind grandfather.
  This touched him a lot and made him search deeply in himself.He could see he had been filled with self-pity,selfishness,indifference to the needs of others and thoughtlessness.And this is where he began his third life,in which he will try in his small ways to help others.222

  From this passage,I learned that sometimes a small act can chenge other people's lifves(like the old blind grandfather changed auther's life in this passage).So what we should to do is that try our best to help others in our small ways.


Unit3 As My Daughter Leabes for College,I Let Go
  This passage talks about how does a mother when her baby girl leaves for college.
  In the first part of this article, the girl prepared for her leaving for college.In this period of time,the mother can see her girl is trying to loosen her grip,however,she didn't want her girl leaving her,which resulted an odd mother-daughter tango.
  Then,as her girl growing up,they reached a truce.
  Later,when it was time for orientation and registration,the mother tried to play it cool.However,when it comes to choosing classes,the mother highlighted many courses hoped her daughter consider carefully about them.She didn't see that when her daughter came back,she already had chosen her entire schedule.
  Examining her girl's scedule,she can see every class her daughter had chosen exactly suited her interests.When she looked at her daughter,she can see a mature,capable young woman with a keen mind and the ability to shape her future.She realised her daughter had grown up.
  Finally,they had the independence they both needed and welcomed the birth of a new mother-daughter relationship.191

  From this passage,we can learn how do mothers feel when their baby girls leave for colleges.As a daughter,I think I should stay in touch with my mother in order to not let my mother feel lonly because of my leaving.


Unit2论文 速码的残次品

Unit2 College Study:The Essential Ingredients
  This passage talks about three essential ingredients of college learning,learning behaviors,learning attitudes and learning style.
  Because learning in college is very different from learning in high school,we have to learn how to be a self-directed learner.
  The first part is about learning behaviours,which introduce active and passive learning behaviors.Obviously,active learning behaviors lead to higher grades and a smoother path towards graduation.
  The second part is about learning attitudes,including motivation,persistence,self-discipline and a personal support network and all of them is vital to acdemic success in college life.
  The third part is about learning style which means we ought to find a learning that is fit ourselves.114

From this passage,we can learn many ways of learning and know how to study in colleges more clearly.


Unit 1 The Residences of U.S. Presidents
  This passage describes homes of three America presidents,Barack Obama,George Walker Bush and Bill Clinton.
  The first part of this passage is about Barack Obama.However,in this part,auther did not talk about Obama's home,like auther did to other two presidents.In fact,auther stressed the fact that Obama accepted bribes,which covered the house he lived in.The house Obama bought from his campaign supporter in a price which was far lower than market value.
  Secondly,there is George Walker Bush,who is usually known as "little Bush" because his father was also a president.As for his estate,not only does Bush have a sprawling estate,but he also has stakes in many clubs.This passage talked about three houses of Bush.The first one is the house where Geroge Walker Bush and Laura Bush lived after they departed the White House.This house is a 8,501-square-foot single-story house at 10141 Daria Place.The second one is a modest 2,406-square-foot house in Midland which was purchased by Bush after he married his scoolteacher wife.The third one,which was a 1,500-acre reach, was bought before he took office as the nation's 43rd president.The Bush couple said they want to be able to grow old there.
  The last part is Bill Clinton's house,which is pretty splendid.After the Clinton couple departed the White House,they lived in a five-bedroom Dutch Colonial house.Later,this couple considerd another house in Bedford Hills,which was more luxurious than the last one.256

From this passage,not only can we learn what presidents' houses look like,but also can we learn how to describe a house in detials.


Sleeping Early can Lead Us to Success
Ladies and gentlemen,
  My name is Cui Yanrui and I'm here to give a short speech about "sleeping early can lead us to success".
  Maybe most of you don't think there are links between sleeping and success.To make things even worse,many people think that in order to succeed,you must stay up late.That's why tales like "Harvard 4:30 a.m." can be so popular.However,when a sort of thought become too popular,it's time for us to reflict whether this sort of thought is correct or not.Well,it's absolutely nonsense to me.
  I know many people prefer staying up late and waking up late to sleeping early and waking up early.What I want to say is that sleeping early and waking up early feel really sweet.When I fall in sleep early,I feel like I drop in a peaceful land which far from all sorrows and quarrels.Then when I wake up early in the next morning,I feel even more energetic than yesterday!Evertime I wake up when it still dark outside,I see I have a great deal of time before first class begin and I can do lots of things during this time.I am motivated to study and believe nothing is impossible.Believe me,this feeling is amazing!
  Besides,sleeping early is beneficial to our health.As we all know,midnight is the best time to detox our bodies.If we stay up pretty late,our body can not detox very well.Then the toxin,which ought to have detoxed our bodies,will accumulate in our body,which can lead to endocrine dyscrasia.As a result,it will do harm to our health.
  What's worse,sleeping late may also lead to sudden death.I believe all of you have heard many stories about "burnning the night oil can lead to sudden death" before.In fact,the phrase "burn the night oil" vividly shows us the consequence of stay up late——burnning out the oil of our lives.Chairman Mao once said,"Body is the capital of revolution."When we can't keep healthy,how can we be successful?That's why I say sleeping early can lead us to success.
  Last but not the least,sleeping early can help us have a good attitude towrds others,which can help us have a good interpersonal relationship.We all know a interprsonal relationship is vital to our success.So sleeping early can lead us to success.
  That's all.Thank you for listening to my speech.